The importance of having good posture and not hunching like Quasimodo over my laptop all day has been so ingrained into me by now that you can say that I sit up straight.
It’s equally important to have good facial posture too.

“There are all of these unconscious patterns we have in our behaviour.
Maybe you realize you have all kinds of patterns of movement and posture going on in your body—your left side is much tighter than the right, for instance.

And as our culture has gotten more used to being explorative of the body, we become more aware of those things and the places we’re holding our tension.

One of the most neglected aspects of that is the habits of the face, which is what we greet the world with.

So your facial posture is how you hold your facial expression, similar to how you naturally hold your body.
We have these habitual holding patterns, whether a furrowing of the brow when focusing or concentrating, or a tightening of the jaw or a squinting of the eyes, or a lifting of the forehead.

Usually that pattern is associated with how we’re feeling mentally and emotionally at that moment.

If you’re guilty of falling into a stressed-out expression on the reg, you can change it by simply bringing awareness to your facial muscles.
Facial posture is just an extension of body awareness.

By being aware of your body and also your face, you can change your mental state and the way your face looks for the better.”

So “good” facial posture is how you look when you’re totally relaxed—like how you’d hold your face if you were sitting in a hot spring in Costa Rica.

Since most of your stressed facial expressions happen unconsciously, you just have to pay attention to where the tension goes, and consciously bring it back to its relaxed state.

Just as bad body posture can lead to a serious curve in your spine or rounded shoulders, poor facial posture leads to wrinkles in those places of tension.
It’s a build-up and a hardening of fascia, which makes that position more permanent.

Maybe now you got the picture what is going on. How can you do it, you how can you change that?

Find what feels really good, like having a soft smile and feeling how your face feels the most comfortable, and go on from there.

Like feeling an inner smile. That will show on your face immediately.

To become more conscious, notice when you’re shutting down that flow and you’re making some odd facial expression out of stress or habit or whatever else.

Feel that, see that.. Does it ring a bell now?

….I’m now not frowning anymore as I look at my screen, you?

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