Once upon a time there was a well respected massage therapist, called Sage, who had clients which regularly suffered from headaches.

Illustration: Alexandra Dvornikova

Sometimes also Sage herself had bothering and lingering headaches which took away the joy of life those particular days.
She always tried to avoid treatment with pills and medicines to relieve her headache, because she liked the natural health approaches more.
Headache relief
Sage knew and researched the knowledge concerning the types of headaches and migraines that occur in persons. She knew the meaning and causes from headaches and migraines and their possible treatments. She also was experienced in applying the several possible solutions to relieve her headaches, that mostly seemed to be tension headaches.

That is why today, Sage is another person.

She drinks more water, sometimes even with a bit salt added. This way she hydrates her body and brain. Sometimes she also adds lemon juice in her water.

If she has a headache, she loves to wash her hair, to swim or to ground her bare feet on the soil in the garden. Those simple routines give her a relief from the tensions in her body and her brain.

When she is in the mode of over-thinking and burdening her brain by neglecting her emotions, she tries to solve that by allowing herself to feel more and to think less. This also relieves her head.

Sage takes care now to have fresh air in her space, with enough oxygen and without toxic burden from furniture, fabric softener, paint or smoke for example.

Sometimes a cup of coffee helps to relieve her headache.

Of course, as a massage therapist as she is, she massages her own feet, neck, earlobes and the special trigger points/ pressure points for example.

Sage also uses aromatherapy to feel well, and be free from stress and headaches. She loves to do this by evaporating a few drops of lavender or mint essential oils in her room.

Headache and massage therapy

Concerning her work. Sage knows that her massage clients don't always have the 100% results they wish for following a treatment. This can be because sometimes a complaint serves a purpose in life. That is why she offers the client, when appropriate, possible insights in their situation.

How nice it would be if she can offer herself and her clients a massage with even greater results for headaches, migraines and tensions!

Sage heard about Rejuvance, a neck, head, decolletage and face massage, with exquisite results concerning relief of headaches, of tension headaches and even of migraines.

Without doubt she decided. Now Sage learns, during the Rejuvance seminar, that pain on the forehead can have its origins in the function of the stomach for example. A cluster headache around the eye can have its origins in the function of the liver! That really is very useful to know!

Also Sage learns how to relieve headaches as a result from nightly teeth grinding. In that case, used are the different facial muscle release and relax techniques particularly for the masseter and temporalis muscles. Those fingertip techniques are easy and light to apply.

During this “bioenergetic fingertip facelift massage”, no facial rollers or other tools are needed, nor facial creams.

Sage learns now to use all the acupressure points, that work like magic on the headaches, the sinuses, the tensions and on the overall health of the body.

As a result of Rejuvance, there are much more benefits than the headache relief only. A few of the extra benefits are that people tend to be more relaxed and more beautiful, as if they had a facelift!

Because Sage the massage therapist did not live close to a Rejuvance training school, she decided to learn the techniques online. The benefits she experiences are that she learns in her own speed, in her own rhythm and in her own house. She applies the deeply relaxing sessions right away on herself, on her partner or on her mother, by watching and copying the video instructions that are shown in real speed.

Her mother is so grateful and proud to be the first one to receiving this renewal approach!

To follow the Rejuvance massage course was the best decision in Sage’s life: to be able to move on, to feel better, to sleep easier and to offer more to her clients. She now even attracts more clients because of the great results.

Sage the therapist lived happily ever after, without headaches and with a rejuvenated mother!

If you are interested in receiving this Rejuvance massage or to become a Rejuvance therapist/ masseur, connect with QiCarine in Greece:

www.qicarine.com for the online course.

Rejuvance is a facial, head, neck, decolletage massage course with certification upon completion.