FAQs concerning Rejuvance massage:

What is Rejuvance bioenergetic fingertip facelift massage?

The face is our primary centre of emotional expression. To see what we are feeling, people look at our face, into our eyes.
One can decide to do something about it with this facial massage because the results of Rejuvance are breathtaking, releasing all the tensions!

The Rejuvance technique relaxes the muscles by releasing the ‘stuck’ connective tissue that encase them and by special other muscle techniques. Rejuvance helps the connective tissue to regain its elasticity as well as to improve its blood circulation. So more oxygen and nutrients are carried to the cells in the skin which are embedded in the connective tissue.

Rejuvance is also called the natural ‘Fingertip Facelift’ because it produces similar results without the traumatic cosmetic surgical work.
The therapist works very gentle and precise on the connective tissue and the 91 muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp with a bioenergetic light-touch massage and acupressure techniques.

The different techniques used are:
Connective tissue massage, lymph drainage, muscle relaxing & toning techniques, skin massaging & toning techniques, acupressure and facial exercises. Also, the energy flow from the therapists hands (some have Reiki hands) plays its role.

A full treatment consists of 6 sessions on the face, scalp, neck and decolletage. This can be followed by regular ‘top-ups’ every 6 weeks.

Is Rejuvance facelift massage effective?

Rejuvance is effective and always has positive results for the client. The exact results cannot be predicted, because it depends on the health and appearance of the client and the skills of the massage therapist as well.
The bone structure of the face does not change though. At the contrary there are impressive results for the skin, connective tissue, muscles and blood circulation.

Is Rejuvance face massage more effective than the use of facial rollers?

Yes, Rejuvance is much more effective than facial rollers. Unlike Rejuvance, facial rollers, which are easy to use by all, do some very basic work and for the facial appearance only. At the contrary, Rejuvance works in depth of the biology of the body for beauty health and wellness.

Is Rejuvance facial massage just a hype?

Rejuvance was created in 1998 and spread over Europe fast. Still Rejuvance is used by massage therapists, physiotherapists, beauticians and healers. This shows that Rejuvance is not a hype or something fake.

What is the price of a Rejuvance session?

The price of a 60 minute session varies per country. In Greece the price is between 30 and 60 Euros. Sometimes there are special offers for Rejuvance face massage if you buy the 6 session package at once.

Can I treat myself with Rejuvance?

Yes, if you have learned to do Rejuvance, you can treat yourself too!

Can, everybody learn Rejuvance?

Yes everyone with loving hands can learn Rejuvance facial massage. It is a very light technique and does not strain your body.

What are the short term benefits of Rejuvance?

The short term benefits of Rejuvance are:

  • A fresh lifted look of the face.
  • The wrinkles in the face become softer or disappear.
  • Relaxation & a feeling of wellbeing.

What are the long term benefits of Rejuvance?

  • Improvement of the skin quality.
  • Delaying of aging signs in the face and neck.
  • Smoothing of facial scars.
  • Facial expressions become easier to form. (important for actors too)
  • Quality of sleep is improved.
  • Total body relaxation & happiness.
  • Feeling of deep well-being, and liveliness.
  • Relief of headaches, and shoulder stiffness.
  • Rebalancing of the nervous system
  • Improvement of jaw function, breathing and there is less teeth grinding.
  • The energy chakras in the head and neck area open up.

What products are used in a session of Rejuvance?

There are no products used.

Is Rejuvance vegan?

No animals are harmed, no animal products are used, so Rejuvance face massage is vegan.

Is Rejuvance good for your health?

Yes Rejuvance facial massage is good for your general health. The head, face, neck and decolletage massage reflects on your whole body and works on you psyche too! That is what we call a holistic treatment!

Does Rejuvance face massage improve mental well being?

Yes, your well being improves because the Rejuvance techniques reflect (by short neurological and energetic pathways) straight to the brain. Also because of the manual stimulation of acupuncture points, there is a strong effect on your mental wellbeing.
Also every massage session produces endorphins (happy & pain killer hormones) in the body, that create a feeling of wellbeing and pain reduction.

Does Rejuvance have results for all ages?

Yes, Rejuvance gives results to all ages. Even for 20 year olds and 70 year olds!

Do heavy smokers have the same results with Rejuvance facial massage?

No.The effects of Rejuvance on smokers are less pronounced because of a reduced blood circulation, oxygenation etc.

Can Rejuvance be combined with other therapies?

Yes, Rejuvance can be well combined with other therapies. For example: with physiotherapy, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, swedish massage, beauty treatments by beauticians, laser and mesotherapy.
Also after a facial operation, facelift or face reconstruction, Rejuvance can be used for an optimal effect.

How can essential oils be combined with Rejuvance face lift massage?

The therapist can use essential oils ( fe lavender and rose) and base oils ( fe jojoba and almond oil) as a means for the massage, if you choose so. Also in your daily beauty regime you can add them for a more natural approach of your beauty.

Is Rejuvance also for men?

Yes also men come for Rejuvance sessions and they also have good results. Men they must be well shaven or have a bit longer beard than a 3-day-beard, for applying the techniques in the chin and jaw area.

How often can you have a Rejuvance session?

To have good results with Rejuvance, we have to give it time. That means a frequency of minimum 1 x per week, and maximum 3x per week, when we do the package of the 6 different sessions.

How long do the effects of Rejuvance stay?

The duration of the effects of Rejuvance vary, depending on your health and lifestyle. In average a top-up of 1 session per month/ 6 weeks is recommended as a follow up to the 6 session package.

Can I publicly appear right after a treatment of Rejuvance?

Yes, you can appear publicly right after your session. At the contrast with some other beauty methods, fe like laser, there is no irritated skin, no distortions, and no bruises! On the contrary, you look even better than before!

Are there any nasty side effects of Rejuvance face massage?

No, there are no negative side effects of Rejuvance facial massage at all.

Are there any contraindications of Rejuvance face massage?

The contraindications are a fresh skin transplantation, open wounds and a severe sunburn in the area of treatment. The other areas can be treated.

How can I learn professional Rejuvance facial massage? Are there schools for learning Rejuvance?

There are many training courses for Rejuvance, though maybe not in your country. A good quality course takes 24 clock hours.
You learn about natural skincare and Rejuvance massage.


New is the Rejuvance online course in English. The advantage of this course is that you can learn in your own speed at your own location!

During this course for Rejuvance you are trained by watching videos that show all the techniques used.

Also the complete sessions are shown in its normal, slow speed. Those example sessions help for doing, simultanously, a session on yourself or others, just by copying the movements and following along.

A detailed handbook with the anatomy and the sequence of working, completes the whole training.

For certification you can do a short online video test, personally, face to face with the teacher.