The following are the test results of Rejuvance, bioenergetic fingertip facelift massage.

In the period of the year 2000 until 2018, 100 white skinned mediterranean women were treated with Rejuvance massage in Greece.

This massage modality is a series of 6 very subtle massage treatments in the area of the face, scalp, neck, and decollete and aims for a rejuvenating result and relaxation.

The following results are obtained from both the opinion of the therapist as the client, after the completion of the series of the 6 different massage sessions.

The frequency of the sessions is once, twice or three times per week.

The women are stimulated to drink at least 2 liters of water per day after each session, in order to stimulate a proper replenishing of lymph in the head area.

No other treatments were done prior to the facial massage sessions, like scrubbing, deep cleansing or a facial mask etc.

The clients were massaged on a 100% clean skin, or -when the skin was too dry to massage- with a bit of their own day cream or almond oil. (This last group was 10% of the subjects.)

Age- group: 25-65 years of age.

There was no placebo group involved.

Results and % of occurance of the result.

  • A refreshed look, a fresh feeling of the face, a lifting effect in the face. (99%)
  • A reduction of wrinkles and fine lines in the face. (95%)
  • Improvement of skin quality: a pinker and healthier colour, an improvement of facial blood circulation without skin irritation. (94%)
  • A decrease of dryness of the skin, improvement of moisturizing, improvement of evenness of the surface of the skin. (76%)
  • Reduction of enlarged pore size. (30%)
  • A delay of the onset of wrinkles. (67%)
  • Improved youthful and tighter look in the face. (99%)
  • A decrease of oedema of the face and neck. (43%)
  • Dark circles around the eyes decreased. (32%)
  • A decreased occurrence of headache. (26%)
  • Improved feeling of happiness, wellbeing, self love. (100%)
  • Improvement of the quality of sleep. (28%)
  • Decreased asymmetry in the face. (67%)
  • Improvement of the feeling of left/ right balance in the body and face. (18%)
  • Less teeth grinding at night. (4%)
  • An unblocking of the airflow in the nose. (12%)

The Rejuvance facial massage had no nasty side effects because of the following.

  • The treatment is extremely subtle, without vigorous rubbing and irritating the skin.
  • No -possible irritating- chemicals and creams are used.

The client can appear in public right after the treatment because there are no negative side effects on the face and decollete.

Nasty side effects from other treatments can be:

Rashes, erythema, redness, allergy, oedema, dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), eruptions of the skin, bleeding, bruising, irritation of the sensitive small capillair veins of the skin, UV sensitivity afterwards, distortions, paralysing of a facial muscle.

The results of Rejuvance face massage were better for the non-smokers.

The results remained in average for 4 till 6 weeks. Some improvements even stayed for over 5 years!

With 1 top up session after 6 weeks, the results kept on improving over time.


Rejuvance bioenergetic fingertip facelift massage is an extremely safe massage modality for beauty of the face and decollete and even has several other health & wellness benefits.

This facial massage cannot replace a surgical facelift, though certainly competes with it because of its gradual, safe results. Rejuvance certainly competes a facelift concerning the price too.

Info on Rejuvance teaching:

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