Rejuvance bioenergetic fingertip facelift massage is a facial massage with high results, in which we use no tools except of our fingertips.

It is not only a face massage, because the sessions also address the scalp, the neck and the decollete. Those areas we treat during the six different (!) sessions that have a duration of 60 minutes each.

The theory behind this therapy approach is that the lymph, blood and energy flow into the face is 200% optimal afterwards, for the person’s innate beauty and health to reveal itself.

In order to get those results, there are special unblocking facial massage techniques. We use those exquisite techniques on the whole area as mentioned: the face, the scalp, the neck and the decollete.

The first technique is for releasing the tensions from the connective tissue both of the skin (dermis) as well as (indirectly) of the fine and sensitive muscles in the whole area.

Secondly we address the muscles directly. We use special muscle techniques for relaxing, stretching, tonifying and strengthening the muscles.

Thirdly we balance the (bio-) energy flow in the whole head and neck area by fine acupressure techniques with the fingertips on the acupuncture points.
If the clients wants, also a fast facial self massage will be taught to them, to use when they apply their daily face cream.
The client also likes, most of the time, to learn the strengthening facial, yoga exercises from their therapist.

Benefits are extensive:

Rejuvance is also called the natural ‘Fingertip Facelift’ because it can produce similar results as with a facelift, without traumatic cosmetic surgical work.

People tell you how great you look. You notice your face more relaxed, more expressive. Your skin is toned up and smoother with fewer noticeable wrinkles.
If you have particular problems, such as bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids, tension around the mouth or stress-related aches, REJUVANCE works to minimize these.

Further benefits:

-Total body relaxation & the feeling of happiness
-Feeling of deep well-being, and liveliness
-Relief of headache, and shoulder stiffness
-Rebalancing of the nervous system
-Improvement of jaw function and breathing
-The aging process of the face slows down
-Smiling is easier

Side effects: there are no nasty side effects, no bruises, no irritation, no wrong paralysing like with botox sometimes, no distortions like sometimes after surgery.

Contraindications: careful when there is active herpes on the face, or with migraines and facial sunburn.

Costs: we give special package prices and gift vouchers.

The frequency of therapies for good results is one to three sessions per week.
When the 6 sessions are completed, results will stay when the client does a regular top-up every six weeks of one session. Results keep on showing up in time!

Rejuvance is done as a independent therapy. No tools, no rollers no electric facial massagers or creams are needed.

This massage can be combined with other therapies if you like, fe with shiatsu, reflexology, or with headache treatments and neck treatments in physiotherapy!

On Youtube you find many facial massage techniques. To be 200% professional, a real PRO, with guaranteed results, it is best to follow the professional course in Rejuvance.

The name Rejuvance is copied by many, for other massage techniques because of its fame for good results.
A good quality course which is free of charge does not exist, for obvious reasons.

I advise the 100% complete & professional online Rejuvance massage course/ training taught by “Qi Carine”, that will provide you with certification too.
This massage course is not to be missed if you take yourself serious in your therapy work. The course is also suitable for beginners in this field of work. Decide if you like to follow this natural facelift course.

The teachings included in the course are:

  • anatomy of skin and muscles in the area
  • the six Rejuvance sessions (in writing, in scheme and on video)
  • facial serum making using etheric and other oils
  • a fast morning/ evening face massage
  • strengthening Facial Yoga exercises
  • Rejuvance promotion in your area