Touch facilitates accessibility to and communication with the other person.

This is a concept derived from experiences with needling during an acupuncture treatment.

As a physical therapist, and as a result of using acupuncture on my therapy clients over the years, I got a surprising insight that is so impressive, that I decided to share it with you.

Normally when a needle is inserted in the skin, it slides in easily. The resistance of the skin behaves similarly to a needle inserted in refrigerated butter.

In some cases it happens that the needle cannot be inserted, because the skin behaves like a hard surface (for example like glass). In those cases the client also complains of pain during the insertion movement. In those cases,

I found out that if I just touch the skin there very lightly with my finger for two seconds, the skin’s blocking behaviour disappears right away and the needle pops in easily!

I have worked with my clients with physiotherapy, reiki, massage and acupuncture for 35 years now, so I know a lot about touch. This surprising skin behaviour mentioned above, made me think. My theory is now the following:

Touch makes humans more easily “accessible” to communicate with, hence the accessibility of the skin/ the outer protective layer of the acupuncture needle.

For me, intuitively, this is just the right concept concerning both the skin and the human being as a whole (and probably it is the same for animals).

This concept is a good subject for someone who wants to set up a scientific research on the subject of touch and accessibility for communication.

For me my findings are a positive “objective” proof that communication is easier when accompanied with a well meant, light body contact, and it works in a split second only!

Of course if the touch is not well meant, or the person has an aversion to touch, the opposite will happen also in a split second!

I suggest to use this insight in your life and observe the value of touch for communication! If you are interested and you would like to explore the different aspects of touch, you could learn one of the various massage techniques.

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