The necessity of touch, the 5 + human senses, and the role of manual massage versus massage with rollers or massage equipment.

What is the necessity of physical touch you might think, after this period of physical lockdown connected with the COVID 19. We, human beings, have changed, we had new experiences, we had new emotions, thoughts and behaviors coming up, both concerning ourselves as well as the concerning our home mates.

For most of us it was a period of touch deprivation, and a deprivation of being in close physical distance to others.

We have 5 physical senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. In addition we also have 6 “divine” senses, more or less developed : clairvoyance, clear hearing, extrasensory smell and taste, inner knowing/ wisdom and extrasensory touch/feeling. All 6 together you can call “intuition”.

Research is done on the importance of touch and of the other senses for wellbeing and child development. **

For example : baby monkeys that were separated from their mothers were used to study the effects of that deprivation on their behaviour.

To make the sad story short I present you the results right away in the order of high value to low value.

The baby monkeys needed physical contact with

1. the skin of the mother monkey,

2. a surrogate mother: a soft, monkey- shaped, rounded surface

3. In the worst case, a surrogate mother shape of metal wire

The development both of the body as well as the emotions of the monkey were severely damaged as a result of the last 2 situations.

Lets translate this to the human story. The human baby is born. The soul and body need to learn about what the 3 dimensions are, where it has live in. It has to learn how to use the body in connection with the surrounding. The baby needs to learn to feel the size of the body, where the body ends etc. It needs to learn to react to influences and irritants from the surrounding, in order to protect the body and to survive. (FE pulling away the body from excessive heat.)

In order to develop and learn those aforementioned things, the baby must have tactile input on an everyday basis!

Apart from basic surviving with a body in 3D, the child also needs nurturing, love and healing touch. This healing touch is needed in order to learn to communicate and to make meaningful relationships in life. The nurturing, the love and the healing touch are ingredients/ items that belong to the energetic, “divine” senses.

Adults also need sensory input : If a person resides in prison, in total solitude with only the tactile input of the furniture in the room, he gets hallucinations and he loses his marbles soon!

People need meaningful sensory input from other beings to be healthy and have a sense of wellbeing. People need to be nurtured, to have experiences, to embrace an animal, a human, a tree, something that is alive to thrive well!

When we connect those aforementioned findings, with the experience of massage therapy, we understand that experiencing massage has a more meaningful depth than we probably understood until now !

Massage with equipment (a massage chair, a massage roller, or a trembling appliance), we can see as an experience with a surrogate mother for the baby monkey. It is better than nothing, but it does not fulfill us. It also has no content at all for our divine senses !

Only the manual massage is an exquisite modality for wellbeing, thriving and holistic health. Those positive advantages are important for people of all ages!

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If you are interested in the researches:

**Ashley Montagu, anthropologist : "Touching the Human Significance of the Skin"

** Harry Harlow, psychologist : "Total social isolation in monkeys. "