Is your work physically tiring and wearing you out?

If work is physically hard on you, will you manage to continue this profession until your retirement/ pension? The content of this article is about the hard physical work done by physio/ massage therapists and beauticians who are certified in massage.

At the end of this article there are several solutions and ideas from my personal professional experience, which are offered in order to ease that physical pressure.

How life goes.

Like most people, I chose, enthusiastically, at a young age, my study and later my work as a physiotherapist. I was young and strong and nothing seemed to be in my way. “This would last forever”, I thought.

After ten years of working as a physiotherapist, with some signs of aches and pains, I realised that I would not be able to carry out this function until I reach my pension age which is 67.
I would not enjoy my work anymore because of pains and tiredness.
I also realised that I do not want to develop my work, to become a manager of a health center. I love the hands on approach!

I began to look at health from a different perspective and have become interested in the following:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine,
  • Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and
  • Ancient Greek Medicine.

My vision was broadening. I did not want to look at my clients only from a -relatively new- Western Medicine. I realised there are so many ways to look at the same issue/ problem, not always taught so in the Western Medicine.

I learned that there are also other very profound and safe approaches for issues and diseases which are often also lighter for the body of the therapist! Also, certain approaches and therapy techniques can have deep and long-lasting results for the client without the possibility of nasty side effects.

I researched several techniques to see which ones would 'ring a bell' for me and which ones would feel right for me and my clients.
When I opened myself to look into those possibilities/ potentials, they just seemed to 'present' themselves into my life by coincidence.

I chose and embraced many therapies, most of them based on 'energy-medicine'. Some examples of these modalities are Acupuncture, Reiki, Etheric Body Treatment, and Rejuvance bio-energetic lifting facial massage.

Now, many years later my days are filled with joyful, physically light, authentic and holistic work.
I take the time to be in real contact with my clients, which is very fulfilling to me.
I also make combinations, of those different approaches, with the classical physiotherapy.

Holistic therapy means that the person is treated for body, mind and soul simultaneously.
My treatments are in a whole new and lighter, though deeper, level now.

Using my years of experience, insight, intuition and respecting both allopathic/ Western medicine as well as the complementary/ alternative medicine, the results are impressive!

There are many healing modalities that have great results and a deep impact on the clients. Simultaneously they can have a friendly and low impact on the therapists’ body.

I also believe that a massage should never be free of charge, because it gives a disbalance in offering / receiving which ends up in physical and psychological pain.

Holistic therapy in a right vibe office.

Also I understand now that there are many ways to set the right vibe in my practise/ working space, for clients to be pleasantly attracted, to feel at home and to feel respected too.

If the client feels well, less hands-on work is necessary! So again this is lighter for the body of the therapist.
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